CodeGenius Studio

CodeGenius StudioMaking the Most of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

CodeGenius Studio is the premium tool to help manage Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients, databases, and code. With great features CodeGenius Studio is one of the most powerful tools for Dynamics NAV. Once you have it, you won’t want to work without it any more!

CodeGenius Studio can help you with

  • Organizing Dynamics NAV clients (multiple versions on one system).
    • It has been proven to work with all Dynamics NAV (Navision) clients from version 2.x
    • No real need to install any version of Dynamics NAV. However, it is recommended to install at least one version of Dynamics NAV.
  • Organizing customer databases and link these to the correct client version.
  • Access all developer features in one place: The Workbench
  • Organizing third party tools used when working with Dynamics NAV.
  • Code Templates to configure snippets of code with placeholders to easily insert these snippets of code into Dynamics NAV code.
  • CodeSmart is the C/AL code completion tool within CodeGenius Studio. It helps developers writing their C/AL code. It also is completely customizable making it very versatile. CodeGenius Studio now integrates code templates with CodeSmart making it possible to access templates in the C/AL editor.
  • View License Files (flf), Object Files (fob), and Backup Files (fbk).
  • Compare Object Files (fob).
  • Text File Splitting and Joining at high speed using customisable file names.
  • Directory Compare utility to help merging solutions using three-way compare/merge utilities like Araxis Merge and Beyond Compare.
  • Sharing configurations across the organisation.

Great Look and Features…

CodeGenius Studio takes users to the next level usability of Dynamics NAV. It has great features in almost every area. And … it looks sleek too.

Some of the great features that are being made available to Dynamics NAV users via CodeGenius Studio are: indenting, commenting, templates, CodeSmart, and much much more. Configuring CodeGenius Studio is easier than ever with an intuitive UI and handy features, making CodeGenius Studio highly configurable. CodeGenius Studio was built from the ground up. Everything was written in C# using the latest technologies. It was designed to integrate with Dynamics NAV, but won’t need complicated configuring to integrate with Dynamics NAV. Using some basic configuration information users can integrate CodeGenius Studio into the Dynamics NAV database and start working using advanced tooling to assist with the tasks performed.

CodeGenius Studio comes with an advanced set of tools for businesses. It enables users to configure once and use for all users. Automatic updating of the configurations is done when new shared configurations are available. Automatic adding of new Dynamics NAV clients when placed in a pre-configured folder will be added to simplify the whole sharing process.

CodeGenius Studio is very configurable. Users can change all of the features. An example of this is CodeSmart. It ships with a fully loaded library of all the Microsoft Dynamics NAV methods and properties that can be modified from within CodeGenius Studio. Users can add other – handy – methods, snippets, keywords, or even templates! Code Templates in CodeGenius Studio can fully integrate with CodeSmart. This makes it possible to extend CodeGenius Studio the way you want it!

Making a backup and restoring configurations is real easy. Using the backup and restore feature makes sure you’ll never loose a configuration or template. An auto backup feature which will make sure your configuration will stay safe!

Why Make CodeGenius Studio ?

CodeGenius Studio was made because I enjoy programming and when I started programming in Dynamics NAV I was very disappointed in the IDE Microsoft Dynamics NAV had. This was version 2.0 which was then called Navision Financials.

I began creating a helper tool and this has grown ever since. Currently, it contains pretty advanced features that still haven’t been implemented into the IDE until this day!