Getting your copy of CodeGenius Studio

Interested in getting yourself a copy of CodeGenius Studio? Well, I cannot blame you! It’s an awesome tool and it will save you lots of coding time and manage all those databases you need to access daily.
A few things I would like you to know before you download this tool.
  • I have worked hard to build this tool.
  • It is a free tool and I want to keep it that way.
  • If you like CodeGenius, please like our Facebook page and show your appreciation and support to this great tool. It’s just a couple of clicks.

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To donate towards the development of CodeGenius Studio or express appreciation please click a donate button on the page.
To use CodeGenius Studio in a professional environment with more features and capabilities to share your configurations, please purchase a license that works for your situation.
  • Modify the download package in any way or form.
  • You can pass it along to your colleagues and friends. However, I would like it that they download it themselves.
  • Disassemble or decompile CodeGenius Studio.
  • Sell this tool to others for personal benefit.
Please note: CodeGenius Studio ships “as is” which means it has no warranty. Please read the EULA before installing CodeGenius Studio!
If you agree to the above please download and have great coding fun!
To read the latest release notes click here!

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