Gerard RobbertsenHi, my name is Gerard Robbertsen. I live in Australia with my beautiful family. For over 21 years, I have worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Navision. In my role at WSB Solutions, I enjoy getting the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. In some projects, I worked on interfaces with other systems or products. In other projects, I took certain key features from Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and moved them externally using SQL to improve performance. The results were baffling. I discovered that when you use SQL wisely, you can improve performance significantly and get the most out of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC database. Challenging the limits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is where I love to work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is a great tool for end-users but, has some shortcomings for the developer. As I mentioned before, I love to take Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC beyond its capabilities. For 17 years, I spent some of my spare time on CodeGenius Studio. It started as a launching tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. Later, I started working on the templates, CodeSmart and the Workbench.

CodeGenius Studio was introduced in 2005 at several places in The Netherlands where I worked. I was quite surprised how well it was received. I published CodeGenius Studio on mibuso.com as it was received so well and CodeGenius Studio won the 2006, 2007 and 2008 best download award making it the only tool at mibuso.com to win 3 years straight!

New features are added regularly to keep up with the new versions of Dynamics 365 BC. The current version of CodeGenius Studio is built from scratch in C#. The user interface is made to give you the best user experience. I really hope you like CodeGenius Studio and you will enjoy its features. May CodeGenius Studio let you take Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC to the maximum of its capabilities.