CodeGenius Studio Workbench

Start working a new way!

CodeGenius Studio Workbench is a part of CodeGenius Studio that combines all development activities together into one place. As expected, the Workbench allows you to do all your tasks. Whether you are a developer or consultant, the Workbench assists you in different ways. With access to the Windows client and Development client, you’re enabled to easy access to Dynamics NAV. The Workbench allows usage of the Development shell and Debugger easily.
 What can it do?
  • Start a development* client session
  • Start a Windows** client session1 including using a different profile than the users default profile.
  • Start a Debugger session2
  • Start a PowerShell (ISE) Developer session using the correct command set2 pro
  • Create/Design objects using the development client
  • Run objects using the correct client3
  • View objects in text format
  • Starting and stopping Service Tier Service4 PRO
  • View user information and rolesPRO
  • View logged in users and sessionsPRO
  • Upload, View and Download Server LicensesPRO
  • Upload, View and Download Database LicensesPRO
All these features make the Workbench the location to start all your development efforts. One place to do almost anything within Dynamics NAV.
* Development client is also known as the classic client
** Windows client is also known as the Role Tailored client
1 Only available when configured against a supported database (Dynamics NAV 2009 and later) 
2 Only available when configured against a supported database (Dynamics NAV 2013 and later) 
3 CodeGenius Studio selects the correct client to use for the object selected based on version and type of object
4 User must have suffient rights to access, start and stop the service tier for this feature to work
PRO This feature is only available in the Pro Editions of CodeGenius Studio
With the Workbench, database management for SQL Server databases has never been easier! It is an excellent addition to CodeGenius Studio and allows you to manage complex SQL Server tasks from within CodeGenius Studio with just a few mouse clicks.
You can now, directly from CodeGenius Studio:
  • Monitor database usage.
  • Monitor table usage.
  • View indexes on tables.
  • Rebuild indexes on tables.
  • View current session in a database.
  • Kill sessions in a database.
With these great features, you can now easily do tasks on databases without the need to learn T-SQL statements or use the SQL Server Management Studio.
With the Workbench, you can get more than just SQL Server information from the database. The Workbench allows you to get all this wealth of information without even having to open a Dynamics NAV client:
  • The object info you can find in the object designer of Dynamics NAV.
  • The Companies within the Dynamics NAV database.
  • The users and their Roles which have access to Dynamics NAV.
  • The server and database licenses which are uploaded into the server and database.
  • Get insight into Object (C/AL, C# and Meta Data) of 2013 and later databases without using the Dynamics NAV classic client.
  • More access possibilities to Dynamics NAV
The Workbench does more than just show you information on the database. It also allows you to make changes to your database.
  • Uploading, downloading and removing server licenses
  • Uploading, downloading and removing database licenses

Compare functionality available in CodeGenius Studio has been extended with the Workbench. You can now:

  • Compare an object (fob) file against a database.
  • Compare two databases against each other
All these features were tested against databases from Dynamics NAV 5.0 up to Dynamics NAV 2017.