Release Notes

Version 9.9.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Fixed message when Service Tier status is unknown
    • In some cases the wrong Service Tier was monitored in the WorkBench
    • Sql Connection timeout set to 20 seconds to allow slow connections (like VPN)
    • RDP connection to Sql Server configured with instance no longer creates an error message

Version 9.8.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • FileTouch UI update. Display time in Windows date and time format.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Display Shared Configurations in read-only section.
    • Allow copy and paste of (shared) configurations.

Version 9.7.1:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Upgraded software to use TLS 1.2 for SSL connections

Version 9.7.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Web client only configurations possible.
    • Using Config Launcher could cause an error to occur.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Automatically check/start Service Tier before launching client.

Version 9.6.1:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Recently Used menu no longer delays displaying menu.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Configure mode occasionally would not save when closing.
    • Fixed error message that could appear when in configure mode.

Version 9.6.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Web client option added to the menu.
    • Added Recently Used menu option.
    • Size of the Recently Used menu is configurable.
    • Add web links to Third-Party configurations.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Generate symbol references from the Workbench.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro (configure mode):
    • A different icon is used to emphasise configure mode.
    • Opens to the main screen and not to the system tray.
    • User cannot minimise to the system tray.

Version 9.5.1:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • User can specify http:// or https:// for the Web Client url. When not specified, http:// is used.

Version 9.5.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Improved things “under the hood”.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Added support for extension development from Workbench.
      • Setup AL folder.
      • Open project folder in Explorer.
      • Open project in Visual Studio Code.
    • Improved Visual Studio Code support. Visual Studio Code installation wasn’t always recognised.

Version 9.4.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added Web Client to Dynamics NAV configurations.
    • MRU folders are saved when joining and splitting to speed up the folder/file search.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • When updating clients (e.g.: RTM to CUx) this could give issues with Shared Configurations. Re-scanning the clients after a client update will resolve this issue altogether.
    • Removed  menu refresh. When Shared Configurations are updated this could lead to issues when refreshing the menu and have other unwanted results. Manual restart is now needed. However, CodeGenius Studio will notify the user the Shared Configurations have changed.
    • Opening CodeGenius Studio could result in .NET error messages when opening in configure mode. This has been resolved and a more user friendly message is displayed.

Version 9.3.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added option to have the Development Environment generate symbols for AL development (NAV 2018 and later).
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • When using versioning the latest version number was not always properly displayed.

Version 9.2.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • The configuration launcher can search (parts of) multiple words.
    • Added separators to be configured in the menu.
    • Removed messages when a client is not found in the system.
    • Dragging exported configuration into Configurations no longer adds the configuration twice.
    • Dragging exported configuration into empty Configurations adds the configuration to the root.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Small bug fixes.

Version 9.1.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • With the new Default Menu option the options are the same when using hotkeys.
    • Added the Workbench option to the hotkeys for a more consistent user experience.
    • Added new feature Configuration Launcher which allow users to launch any configuration using search by name.
    • With some users the classic editor would appear with Dynamcis NAV versions supporting the new editor. Added the option to forcefully launch with the classic or new editor to avoid undesired results. Default is the new editor.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Small bug fixes.
    • Updated the manual to included shared configuration setup.

Version 9.0.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Removed notification of client folder changes.
    • Fixed Development Client issue when SQL server does not use the default port.
    • Added open menu hotkey to open the menu without using the mouse. Default hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+M.
    • Configuration now allows you to control the menu creation. Default is as before, but you can select just Classic (multiple menu items), Workbench, Windows Client or Development Client
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Changed how the locking of the configure mode takes place to avoid a permanent lock out.

Version 8.3.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • No error will appear when shared configuration folder is not accessible.
    • Possible to unregister a license key.
    • Various minor bugs.

Version 8.2.2:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Fixed issue with help server port setup.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Entering Configure Mode is limited to 1 user at a time to prevent data loss.

Version 8.2.1:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added tenants to configuration.
    • Added help server setup to the configuration.
    • Fixed issue regarding configurations.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Added automatic backup of shared configurations. A rolling backup of 10 versions is maintained.
    • Added a option to disable the automatic scanning of client folder during startup. Regular automatic updating remains. (default is disabled)

Version 8.2.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added buttons to the task window preview to start Dynamics NAV clients (all versions) and PowerShell sessions (Pro only)
    • Fixed some minor issues in regards to stability.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Improved Shared Configuration Management. When then Shared Configuration is updated all connected instances will update automatically with requiring a restart.
    • Adding new Dynamics NAV client executables will automatically add them to CodeGenius Studio as a new executable. (requires additional setup in the preferences section of CodeGenius Studio)
    • Added exporting to a workspace folder of objects to use with your favourite source control. (requires additional setup in the configuration section or in the Workbench for shared configurations)
    • Added extra menu options to the menu and Workbench. Start RDP to Service Tier Server and Start RDP to SQL Server.

Version 8.1.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added the option to open the menu using a Hotkey. The default Hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+M and can be configured in the CodeGenius Hotkey preferences.
    • Added the option for the user to stop using the screen resolution in the zup file name when open Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. (formerly known as the Classic Client)
    • Improved CodeTemplates to function as fully intended when using << and >> as a part of the Template.
    • Fixed issue that caused an error when the configuration would point to a non-existent client.
    • Fixed issue that caused an error when using alternative names for zup-files with configuration names that are not legal as a file name.
    • Fixed issue when typing incorrect SQL Server name and/or SQL Server instance name and then using the database lookup.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Added PowerShell and PowerShell ISE options to the Workbench and menu for NAV 2013 and higher configurations.
    • Added Debugger and Windows client to Run as Administrator when configured to do so.
    • Fixed an unintended feature allowing the user to temporarily change shared configurations. After a refresh of the shared configurations, these changes would be gone.

Version 8.0.4:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added support to the NAV 2017 BETA release
    • Minor bugfixes in Workbench

Verison 8.0.1:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Added support for x64 and x86 version of Windows clients (NAV 2016 and later)
    • Fix for clients that are no longer at the same file location as in the configuration

Version 8.0.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Fixed long startup by removing Profile and Company entries in the Tray Menu of CodeGenius Studio
    • Added File Name setup in CodeGenius Studio preferences to enable flexible file names when splitting text files.
    • Windows 10 issue: moving tiles in start menu activates CodeGenius
    • Added split and join command line switches
    • Added edit command line switches
    • Added compare command line switches
    • Added file associations for .flf and .fob file types
    • Added workbench command line switches
    • Added new instance of CodeGenius Studio when starting a Workbench
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro:
    • Added Shared configurations for Business Edition
    • Added new instance of CodeGenius Studio when starting a Workbench for Shared Configurations

Version 7.2.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Fix: new menu look would give errors if the Dynamics NAV client was no longer present or accessible.
    • Fix: new menu look limited the third party option to only accept executables. This limitation is removed enabling the use of other types of files.
    • Code Viewer will display object references on the right hand and when you click on these you’ll jump to that location in the object.
  • CodeGenius Studio Pro (formerly known as DB Manager):
    • Added Profiles to menu enabling you to run a certain Profile directly from the menu.
    • Added Company selection to menu which enables you to switch companies from the menu.
    • Added Configure to menu to set the configure mode and start your clients in Windows mode.

Version 7.1.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Replaced the .db file with a new .dbx file. (more here)
    • Added the Workbench.
    • Changed the SQL Configuration Option to include both Classsic and Role Tailored Clients (Development Environment and Windows Client).
    • Integrated DB Manager features into the Workbench for DB Manager licensees.
    • Executable Icon usage in CodeGenius Studio in the menu’s and Workbench.

Version 7.0.2:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Fix: Backup/Restore functionality did not work.

Version 7.0.1:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Fix: Issue with installer caused CodeGenius Studio to start with error message.

Version 7.0.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Directory Compare
    • Text File Splitting and Joining
    • Improved Code and Execution
    • When setting up a Dynamics NAV for SQL Server configuration NT Authentication is automatically selected
  • CodeGenius DB Manager:
    • Adding and removing of users and roles in Dynamics NAV 2013(R2) databases
    • Adding and removing of users and roles in Dynamics NAV 2009R2 and previous versions
    • Extraction of C/AL code , C# code and XML Metadata from objects in Dynamics NAV 2013(R2)

Version 6.1.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Fix: Fob files with other datetime formats than the central European format would possibly present an error when trying to compare.
    • Improved reading/comparing of fob files in general.
  • CodeGenius DB Manager:
    • Added Code Extracting for Dynamics NAV 2013 databases.
    • (Does not work with pre-Dynamics NAV 2013 databases!)
    • Adding and removing roles to Windows Users in a Dynamics NAV database.

Version 6.0.0:

  • CodeGenius Studio:
    • Read License (flf), Object (fob) and Backup (fbk) file contents
    • Compare Object (fob) files
    • FileTouch: Change date/time stamp on files
  • CodeGenius DB Manager:
    • Compare Object (fob) file against database
    • Compare Databases objects
    • Upload, download and remove server licenses
    • Upload, download and remove database licenses
    • Improved the lookup of Windows user id’s in Active Directory
    • General stability improvements

Version 5.5.1:

  • Allow sorting of the database configurations in CodeGenius DB Manager by clicking on the column headers.
  • Fix: CodeGenius DB Manager would display errors when dealing with Query objects.
  • Fix: CodeGenius DB Manager would display an error message when opening Dynamics NAV 5.0 databases

Version 5.5.0:

  • Changes made to interface including links to CodeGenius Web Site, Facebook page and Contact page for (Support) Questions.
  • Included CodeGenius DB Manager plugin as an optional install feature. To run CodeGenius DB Manager you must get a license here!

Version 5.0.4:

  • Fix: when querying for database names in the configuration dialog it would under certain circumstances display an error message.

Version 5.0.3:

  • Check for updates feature has been slightly modified.
  • Fix: unable to remove Classic Clients from the configurations.
  • More non visual enhancements relating to plugin support.

Version 5.0.2:

  • Added icon variation to Role Tailored Client and Classic Client.
  • Fix: under certain circumstances CodeGenius Studio blocked when running an Role Tailored Client started with CodeGenius Studio.
  • Various non visual enhancements relating to plugin support.

Version 5.0.1:

  • Added Role Tailored Client support.
  • Added automatic backup to CodeGenius Studio ensuring you have a backup
  • Tested against Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Added plugin support.