Productivity Increasing

Productivity IncreasingWhether you are a consultant or a developer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CodeGenius Studio opens up a set of productivity increasing tools.
  • Code Templates will help you type less repetitive code and keep your mind on the important parts of your code.
  • CodeSmart will help you with those functions you do not use regularly and help you type less. Code completion features help you and this function even can provide simple syntax help.
  • The client manager helps you manage all those versions of Dynamics NAV you have installed on your PC. It let you configure the environments you are using regularly and help with credential management (usernames and passwords).
  • The third party tools give you the option to add tools to CodeGenius Studio that you use regularly.
    CodeGenius File Viewer allows you to view License (flf), Object (fob) and Backup (fbk) files
  • CodeGenius Object Compare allows you to compare two Object (fob) files against one another and see the differences.
  • CodeGenius FileTouch allows you to modify the date/time stamp on files to help you create that final touch to your release.
  • The Basic Edition of CodeGenius Studio Pro which can be purchased, you’ll have even more tools available to you! Access the Development Shell, Start/stop the Service Tier, Update the database and server licenses, and perform some database maintenance tasks.
  • CodeGenius Studio Business Edition allows you to take advantage of all the feature the Basic editions offers plus allows you to share configurations across your development team.

With CodeGenius Studio everything is literally at your fingertips because you can use hotkeys to configure how you want CodeGenius Studio to react at the keystrokes you define.
All in all CodeGenius Studio is a great productivity increasing tool for all types of Microsoft Dynamics NAV users.