File Tools

Split and Join Text Files

There are many reasons for wanting to split and join text exports and CodeGenius Studio enables this. After setting up the naming method for the split file which is quite flexible, the user can select a text export file and CodeGenius Studio will do the rest. It will create a folder with the same name as the text export had and split the objects into separate files. Users can now use the files for comparing, merging or even source control purposes.

Joining is even easier. Just select a folder with all the text objects inside. A new text file will be created based on the folder name containing all the objects into one file.

File processing is lighting fast and generated file names are configurable. Therefore, it is a great tool for dealing with text files.

File ViewerView License (flf), Object (fob) and Backup (fbk) files

Ever needed to quickly check the contents of a fob file of over 100 MB? It takes a while when using Dynamics NAV, Notepad or another text editor. Well, it won’t take long anymore!

CodeGenius File Viewer enables checking the contents of the most used file types for Dynamics NAV. A very useful and powerful tool to quickly have a look at its contents. Not only is it possible to view its contents it also loads the contents lightning fast. This enables users to view the contents without the wait. CodeGenius File Viewer only reads the parts that it needs for viewing keeping it smart.

Object CompareCodeGenius Object Compare

Compare object files with great ease

CodeGenius Object Compare is a great addition to the CodeGenius Studio toolbox. It enables users to open two Object (fob) files and automatically compare them. With colour coding that is set up in the CodeGenius Studio preferences, it becomes possible to view differences between the objects are.

Helping users by enabling them to check object questions by comparing two object files. With just one simple click the differences are visible. It’s just too easy.

CodeGenius FileTouch: Putting the final touch on a release!

When releasing new software, setting the date/time stamp of the object file the same as the date/times in the object file can be useful when using versioning. It leaves an impression that is professional with customers. With this feature being integrated into CodeGenius Studio, it makes it a great addition to the user’s toolbox.

And this does not only count for just object files. All files can be set to create that really professional touch!

These great tools are great for quickly dealing with files. Conveniently stored within the tray-menu of CodeGenius Studio, it is quick to find and easy to use.